Last Call presents: The Krewe of Ishtar

March 25th, 2020

Hey, folks!  Here's a little bonus episode to while some time on...

Recently, free went to Diverse Works in Houston to present this story to an audience.  It's about the first Lesbian Mardi Gras Krewe, as far as we know, the Krewe of Ishtar.  For this one, free interviewed one of the Krewe's founders, Diane Dimiceli and Gail Pellerin and Marsha Robert who were both active members.

The piece was commissioned and made possible by Diverse Works, and Nick Vaughn and Jake Margolin, whose project 50 states "is an ongoing fifty-part series of installations created in response to recently uncovered or unappreciated LGBTQ2 histories from each state."

from free: Jake and I go way back (I believe I was 12 when we met) and it was an honor to get to collaborate on this and see the beautiful work he and Nick are making together.  They commissioned this piece to accompany the premiere of their Louisiana piece, exploring intersections of queer life with maritime, commercial indigo, Mardi Gras, and capitalism.

Due to our current state of affairs, the exhibit is not currently available to visit, but you can view the work at  You can check out their other work at

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