BONUS! Last Call for Creating Place

May 23rd, 2019

Hey, buds!  Did you miss us?  We missed you!  So, we're back with a bonus episode.

But first:  Please come to our Season 2 Wrap Party, Friday May 31.  We will do trivia related to the season and have and listening booths.  We will also be rolling out the first ever Last Call Mix Tape.  It will be a free event, so please come join us!  You can find more details here.

This piece was produced back in 2017 by Last Call Co-founder, Bonnie Gabel and free feral for a project Alternate Roots did, called Creating Place: The Art of Equitable Community Building.  "Creating Place is a multimedia collection of explorations, reflections, challenges, and offerings to the national dialogue around creative placemaking, created by ROOTS members."  In a nutshell, the series explores artists who are creating spaces for their communities with the work they do in the US South.  In this piece, we talk about the origins of Last Call, the process of creating the podcast, and the making of Alleged Lesbian ActivitiesWe also discuss building equity in a small organization.

You’ll hear from Rachel Lee, Erin Roussel, Shanelle Mills, indee mitchell, Bonnie Gabel and free feral.  Music by free.  Enjoy.

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