Episode 2: Mandisa Moore-O’Neal

February 21st, 2019

S. Mandisa Moore-O'Neal is a Black feminist and supporter to grassroots black women/black femme-centered organizing.  These days, Mandisa is a civil rights attorney with a focus on family law, HIV De-Criminalization, criminal defense, employment discrimination and police accountability work. Her primary organizing support work is as a Black Youth Project-New Orleans' chapter member and on the Advisory board of Lift Louisiana.   This story takes us back to 2006 when Mandisa was part of a group that founded the Women’s Health and Justice Initiative, an INCITE! affiliate.

this piece was produced by free feral with music by free feral, from an interview by indee mitchell and Nathalie Nia Faulk. Special thanks to Wendi Moore-O’Neal and her brother Webo O’Neal for recording a special version of "Freedom is a Constant Struggle."

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